Memory Lane

riding along the path to the underground music showcase

Poster Details

Memory Lane is a collaborative partnership project created to attract viewers to attend The Underground Music Showcase by creating an advertisement poster while also incorporating elements of motion. At the beginning of the assignment, we had to pick two mystery words. One would detail a style of art we would have to focus on while the other word would be the title of our poster. Our mystery words were “symbolism” and “Memory Lane”.

Overall Goal

The goal of our poster was to create a visual that centered around the symbolic style of art that would untimely grab peoples’ attention and entice them to attend the Underground Music Festival. While researching we were heavily drawn to imagery that made perfect sense when looking at it at a far, but as you got closer it began to make less sense. We fell in love with that concept of ordered chaos and wanted to showcase that through the poster.

Beginning Idea

The idea for our poster came from the concept that all dreams are formed from memories. We wanted the Underground Music Festival to transport people to a dream-like state that would ultimately remind them of past memories and experiences. Hence, we focused on a young woman riding her bike down “Memory Lane” encountering all different kinds of crazy elements from her memory.

Process & Ideation

Co-Designer: Hannah FitzGerald
Model: Sophia Meola
© 2024 Sara Meola