tripping on playful and wild tunes
Published in AIGA’s “Locally Sourced,” 2022

The Vinyl

“I AM WEED” is a branding project for pop-punk artist, Machine Gun Kelly, also known as MGK. The task was to create a new album design for the artist that showcased who they were in a unique and different way that has not already been done. I hand-picked some of his most wild and most playful songs to put into this vinyl that represents the crazy and fun MGK. Also, the whole project has to be analog and hand-crafted.

Behind the Idea

MGK is known for having a playful, wild, fun, almost child-like side to himself. I wanted to showcase that by portraying how even though he is a grown adult, he still has a little boy within himself. I used magnetic letters and toy construction trucks to represent his youth but then played upon his current age by adding one of his favorite drugs weed (various cooking spices) to the empty spaces inside the vehicles and in other places.

Process & Ideation

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