going where no typographer has gone before
Published in AIGA’s “Locally Sourced,” 2022

The Creation

Apollo is a futuristic typeface specimen. I designed the font by exploring different types of x-heights, weights, and shapes. To wrap up the project, I crafted a type specimen that showcased all of the characters within the font that was space themed to match the name of the font, “Apollo”.


Once I had sketched out the full alphabet I took my designs into Glyphs which is a font design software. First, I laid out all the specific heights I wanted for all the different elements of my typeface. Then slowly but surely I began to transfer my sketches into the software. As you can see below, the image showcases all of the different points used to create my letter S. Lastly I was able to set the specific distance between the letters so that they would all flow together perfectly.

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