GoGo squeeZ

the classic kids brand has grown up

Project Goals

Prompted to create a three-part, photographic social media campaign that utilized clever wordplay to sell a product or promote a company. The goal was to define a specific target demographic that the company isn’t already focusing on and gear all design choices toward them.

What’s GoGo squeeZ

GoGo squeeZ products are portable, mess-free pouches designed for children that are packed with fruit puree and/or milk. The company currently has two target audiences one being children and the other being adults who would ultimately be buying the product.  

New Target Audience

I took a giant leap with this project by defining the new target audience as people who wanted a quick little snack after some sexual endeavors. You can work up quite an appetite so might as well have an easy, mess-free, GoGo squeeZ in bed!

Sketches → Finals

You can see where the original idea got transformed into the final product. I wanted to play upon the corny sexual phases used during sexual activities so I incorporated some of those into my designs. Some problem-solving did occur while working on the project so minor changes were made from the original sketches. Also, I am not good at sketching, so enjoy these crazy drawings!

Build, Shoot, Voilá!

Model: Morgan Miller & Peyton Harris

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